Alfred Moore4wd Enthusiast

I first purchased the Fueltreat BC-250 when I had organic contamination in my diesel fuel tank. I gave it a treatment of the product and noticed the difference almost immediately. Since then I use the product every time I fill up and have never had another issue with dirty fuel and the car runs better than it ever has

Paul MarshallEndurance 3 Captain

Operating a cray boat means there is a real chance of water and organic contamination entering my diesel tank and being so far out to see I cannot afford to be stranded. I started using the BC-250 to treat a contamination issue and was that impressed with the way it actually killed the growth and not just dispersed it that I now use the product every time I fuel up as a preventative measure.

Mark ClarksonFuel Distributor

I run a small fuel supply business in the north west where the quality of the diesel cannot always be guaranteed. I put FT-400 Biocide into my bulk fuel tanks to ensure that my customers get clean top-grade diesel when they need it. It was a cost-effective measure to ensure my customers total satisfaction. I tell my customers that I use this product and have converted many to using the product as a preventative measure in their own storage tanks

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